Subject Firebird does not ...
Author Lester Caine

> B.7.1. Known issues with Firebird
> * The Firebird JDBC driver does not have proper support for batch updates, so batch updates are disabled.
Is this still the case with Jaybird?

> * Firebird does not support auto-increment columns.
We know these are handled differently, and that generators get round the
problem of 'miss generating' and auto-increment.

> * Firebird does not support the LOWER, SUBSTRING, or INSTR SQL functions, which means that toLowerCase(), indexOf(), and substring() methods in JDOQL cannot be used.
This is out of date, so what is the current state of play in relation to

Just checking some old conference paper notes, and since I've not
updated Jaybird for a while .....

Lester Caine
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