Subject SQLException thrown on connect
Author Fernando Fernandes
Hi all,

I'm having trouble on connecting to Firebird (ver from
JBoss (ver 4.0.2) via JayBird (ver 1.5.5). When the container opens a
connection to the FB server an SQLException exception is thrown due to
a GDS Exception - 335544726. It mention an "Error reading data from
the connection" in the GDS Exception error message.
In all places I've already looked, nobody seems to had this issue
also. Does anybody already had something like this already ?

1. I had configured the firebird-ds.xnl file from the
JBOSS_HOME/docs/examples/firebird-ds.xml file.

2. Added the two magic lines:

2. And, have placed the firebirdsql.rar file in the
JBOSS_HOME/server/default/deploy directory

*** Below it's my firebird-ds.xml file:
<!--FBManager can be used to create and drop databases.
Drop is especially useful during testing, since it
assures a clean start next time. -->
<mbean code=""
<attribute name="FileName"></attribute>
<attribute name="UserName">SYSDBA</attribute>
<attribute name="Password">masterkey</attribute>
<attribute name="CreateOnStart">true</attribute>
<attribute name="DropOnStop">false</attribute>

<config-property name="Database"

Thanks in advance,
Fernando Fernandes.