Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: tomcat+fbsql-1.0.0 (yet). Cannot getAutocommit on one machine, doesnt on anoth
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> When I issue that query from isql, it works.

How do you connect to the database? Please ensure that host name is
specified, e.g.

CONNECT 'localhost:/path/to/my/db.fdb' USER 'SYSDBA' PASSWORD 'masterkey';

if you do not specify host name, isql will connect to the file directly,
that's not what we want to test.

> It can be the bug in my ancient jaybird, fixed when rewritten, as
> well as in fb I wont bother nobody untill upgrade to
> jaybird 1.5.5-release.

I doubt. It happens right in or after the fetch and I have not seen it
before. Looks quite strange to me (sure, it can be that JayBird 1.0.1
contained a bug in wire protocol implementation).