Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Firebird connection slow through Internet
Author Steven Jardine
nagypapi wrote:

>Jdk 1.4 doesn't have the slow socket connection bug (at least with
Correct. This bug was introduced in JDK 5.0.

>I know this isn't firebird-java related anymore (kick me), but I was
>wondering maybe you experienced people could give me a hint why
>connecting to a computer's www server takes just a few seconds, while
>connecting to the same computer's fbserver takes much more. Both are
>TCP sockets aren't they? Btw, connecting to a non fbserver java socket
>takes quite a while too.
I am not sure about this. It sounds like a DNS issue. Are you
connecting to the www server via Java? It may be that a brower is using
cached pages and when you connect in Java you have to do a DNS lookup.
I would probably start by looking at the DNS configuration of the
machine you are using and make sure any of those issues are resolved

BTW, We implemented a work around for the slow connection bug in
Jaybird 2.0 beta 2. JDK5.0 should now connect quickly when using a raw
ip address.