Subject Firebird connection slow through Internet
Author nagypapi
I want to use a java program that connects to a FireBird 1.52 server
with jaybird 1.5.5 through the Internet

I tried it from Helsinki to Budapest with normal, unencrypted,
uncompressed connection
At about 13 o'clock, connecting to the server took 30+ seconds, and
queries were real slow too.
Later at night it was better, but still slow

One of my test personnel :) tried it from Budapest to Budapest at main
office times, and it took 30+ seconds too

These attempts were made at 3 different (not overloaded) computers on
the net, with small RTTs

Do you have any idea why it was so slow?

Are there any hidden parameters that might make it faster?

Will ZeeDeeBee probably solve this problem?

Or should I use another approach? (like creating a php site from
scratch that is hosted on the same computer as the firebird server, or
creating a serverlocal java application that forwards requests to the

Thank you for your much appreciated and endless wisdom,