Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Unsuccessful metadata update - Solution
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Are you saying that this is a Firebird thing, and not a Jaybird thing?
> IOW, Firebird won't let you add foreign keys when there are multiple
> connections open on the database?

Might not allow. And yes, I mean that JayBird has nothing to do with this.

> I too am having hibernate issues with the creation of the foreign keys
> on my tables. It is absolutely ridiculous that table foreign keys
> can't be added if other connections to the database are open. Not
> useful in the real-world.

The requirement is going to be relaxed in FB 2.0. However, if we talk about
the real-world, I assume you talk about the development, not the production.

In my real-world, change of the database schema in the production database
is never done on the fly. Even adding a column or trigger is not done when
active users are there. And the upgrade script is multiple times tested in
the intergration environment before going into production. And there is
still a down time, small, but a downtime. So far I have read about only one
"hot" upgrade of the software - that was WallMart upgrading to JDK 5.0
without stoping the servers, though no database schema changes.