Subject Re: Unsuccessful metadata update - Solution
Author Marc Batchelor
> Exclusive connection is an exclusive connection. :) You have to either
> shutdown the pool (there's a corresponding method) or you have to
> the database by using gfix -shut -force, and be sure that pool does
not use
> SYSDBA account. Then you can connect as SYSDBA, do you metadata
change, and
> use gfix -online to bring the database back.

Are you saying that this is a Firebird thing, and not a Jaybird thing?
IOW, Firebird won't let you add foreign keys when there are multiple
connections open on the database?

I too am having hibernate issues with the creation of the foreign keys
on my tables. It is absolutely ridiculous that table foreign keys
can't be added if other connections to the database are open. Not
useful in the real-world.