Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Invalidating Cache
Author Steven Jardine
>What about taking the source of a LinkedQueue and adding a constructor with
>a parameter specifying the behavior for insert(Object) and extract()
>methods? Those seems to be the only methods working with the first/last
>linked nodes. License is "public domain", we can add this code to our source
>tree (and remove the dependency on concurrent.jar too).
>for the source code.
>What do you think?
I have committed the BlockingStack class to CVS. It works exactly like
a stack instead of a queue and provides similar blocking functionality
to the LinkedQueue.

I also make some other miscellaneous clean-ups and fixed a bug with the

I am still investigating the refactored build process with maven. I am
really new to Maven so it is going to take some time. Are there any
other tasks needed in the short term? I would be happy to work on them
as I can.