Subject Firebird Conference: Call For Papers
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi everybody,

Please find below the information about the third Firebird Conference. Two
last conferences were held in Fulda, Germany, but the third moves to the
east. I have visited both, and I have to admit, that was great event!

So, everybody welcome!



The Third Firebird Worldwide Conference will take place at the
Hotel Olsanka in Prague, Czech Republic.

The opening session will be on Sunday evening, 13th November 2005.
Sessions will run through to the evening of Tuesday 15th November 2005
(closing session)

Call for Speaker Papers

Are you, or is anyone you know, interested in being a speaker at the

Ideally, each speaker should offer to do at least two sessions, although
it isn't an absolute requirement. We would accept a single session if the
topic is considered interesting enough.

A session will last for 50 minutes plus 10 minutes for turnaround amd
questions. If your talk takes more than a single session, then it should
span multiple sessions. If your session is especially popular you may be
asked to repeat it.

The opening session on Sunday evening will take place in a large lecture
hall. Four smaller rooms are available all day for for Monday and Tuesday
and a lecture hall is available for afternoon sessions that are likely to
have larger audiences. The closing session will be in the lecture hall on
Tuesday evening.

It is expected that conference tracks will cover the following issues

Migrating to Firebird from other databases, why you chose Firebird and
how you are using it, installation and configuration.

Understanding, developing with and using Firebird
Firebird engine development, Firebird internals (including Vulcan),
QA, Documentation, Firebird Project

Connectivity and application development with Firebird (e.g. Delphi,

Firebird third party tools and applications

Local language topics (e.g. German, French, Czech etc)

Each topic description should indicate the possible track, a title and at
least 200 words outlining the main points of your talk. Once we have
received the outline we will let you know whether you have been accepted as
a speaker.

Prospective speakers, please send your outlines to pbeach@..., by
August 31st 2005.


Speakers who are resident in Europe will be reimbursed 800.00 Euros. Those
from other countries will be reimbursed $1400.00 USD. Hotel accommodation
will be provided for the three conference nights, from the Sunday night
until checkout on the Wednesday morning.

Publication of Papers

Each selected speaker will be expected to turn in a technical paper in
electronic (HTML - Hypertext markup language) form for each abstract topic
originally approved. All illustrations and graphics pertaining to each paper
must also be submitted. The papers should contain enough detail to
enable a reader to fully understand the topic without benefit of a physical
presentation. Speakers may also submit samples of code and/or presentation

All accepted papers will be published electronically on a conference CD for
the attendees after the conference. We may choose to sell the conference
proceedings CD outside of the conference, or publish items separately. By
submitting materials to the Firebird conference, you grant the Firebird
Foundation permission to use, reproduce, audio/video record amd distribute
your materials.