Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Migration from interclient
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> It is a different one. The interclient version ran on Firebird 1.02,
> Interclient 1.6. The Database is the same basic database, with an
> upgrade script run against it to add some new functionality.

Then try it with Firebird 1.02. I suspect this is the reason.

> Can't you force the type to the type mapping used by the java code?

No, this error happens in isc_dsql_prepare when server parses the SQL
statement without even trying to set the parameters.

> if if setInteger(...) is used, force it to an integer, etc. This would
> proberbly make 99% of cases (and all of mine) work.

Yes, if server would provide us the "empty params" (normal params with some
flag saying that datatype is unknown, will be processed when application
sets ones), we could add this code to JayBird. Server does not do this,
therefore the code is also not there.