Subject Re: Migration from interclient
Author Ian A. Newby
Hi Roman,

> Did you use InterClient with this server, or was is different one?

It is a different one. The interclient version ran on Firebird 1.02,
Interclient 1.6. The Database is the same basic database, with an
upgrade script run against it to add some new functionality.

> Wrong, properties are case sensitive, should be sqlDialect.

Thanks, fixed this bit now.

> "WHERE ? IS NULL", server cannot guess the data type. This issue also
> irritates me, but server developers say that it is not so easy to

Can't you force the type to the type mapping used by the java code? if
if setInteger(...) is used, force it to an integer, etc. This would
proberbly make 99% of cases (and all of mine) work.

Ian Newby