Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Transaction mappings in JBoss
Author Juan Pedro López Sáez

I have replaced the file inside the
firebirdsql.rar file with my own mappings. The only difference is
isc_tpb_nowait in TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITED mode.

After deploying the new Rar archive into Jboss (copying it into the
deploy directory), I expected to see the new transactional behaviour in
my application, but it failed. The default waiting mode was still

I have deployed my Firebird database as a <tx-connection-factory> and
set the transaction isolation by means of:

<config-property name="TransactionIsolationName"

I know this statement is working because I have tested the
REPEATABLE_READ mode successfully, although in my case this is not
necessary as I want to use the default isolation mode.

Maybe I have failed to pack the new Rar file, but in this case I guess
JBoss will complain at deployment stage and everything is right.

Also I don't know how to load my file to
follow your suggestion.

Could you please give a hint?

Thank you very much.

Juan Pedro Lopez
> > I guess that changing the file included in
> > the driver's jar file could be a workaround.
> Right, or simply create a new one and put it in the classpath before JayBird
> classes.
> Roman
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