Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] JayBird - is a version update scehdule?
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> What is the schedule for the next release of the JayBird driver?

Next release will be 2.0 and will include many new features:

- full support for Services API (backup/restore, user management, etc);
- support for updatable result sets
- execution plan in statements
- no caching in auto-commit mode
- reworked JCA code

First three issues are solved, last is almost solved (reconnecting an
in-limbo transaction for recovery is the only problem there), I am currently
doing big refactoring of the transaction management to fix caching in
auto-commit mode. Current state of the driver is not acceptable even for
alpha release, it's in the middle of refactoring. I think I need one month
to finish this task, and if there will be no pending changes from Gabriel
Reid and Steven Jardine, then we can start with the release cycle.

> The latest version is still 1.5.5, correct?


> Since December there have been multiple enchancments and bugs fixed (?) -
> I am particularly interested in bugs related to memory leaks, etc.

I do not plan to release 1.5.6 version, but if there is demand for it - I
will check how hard would it be to backport fixes from HEAD to Branch_1_5.
If that is not too complex, I will do this.

Can you please provide a list of bugfixes to port (the best would a list of
ChangeLog entries, file is available from CVS)?