Subject Re: Jaybird and OS X
Author garrett_d_smith
--- In, "Steffen Heil" <lists@s...> wrote:
> Hi
> > We're using the embedded libraries on Windows and would like
> > to get the same setup on OS/X. I'm definitely interested in helping.
> Please note, that embedded on windows is not the same as embedded on
> Mac propably accounts as linux here. So, even if you get it
compiled, you
> will not have the same as on windows.
> On linux you roughly need to have the classic server installed to use
> jaybird in embedded mode. In this case embedded means, you run the
> server inprocess.

Sounds like I should spend some time getting things going on Linux
first. I tried to find some information about running firebird in
classic mode in-process, but haven't turned anything up. Is there a
document you could point me toward?

-- Garrett