Subject FireBird1_5 - failre to create as DataSource under WebSphere App.Developer
Author strannik_ffe

Has anybody succeed in creation of DataSource for FireBird under
WebSphere (5.1.2)?

When connection is established directly in code referencing to
FBDriver it works, but I could not set it as valid data source under
WSAD to reference it through JNDI.

I've tried different drivers from org.firebirdsql.pool package:

FBConnectionPoolDataSource, FBSimpleDataSource, SimpleDataSource etc,
but neither of them worked. WSAD also asks for "ConnectionDataSource"
helper class, I didn't find anything suitable in firebird packages
and tried to use
It seems ignoring JAAS and I was made to set up "userName"
and "password" as properties.

We using Oracle database in Production, and I've tried to create
independent testing platform using Firebird, choosing it for small
footprint and simplicity. (Oracle is too heavywighted to be installed
on every developer's laptop) (that is why establishing of direct
connection is not an option, we are forced to use JNDI in the same
manner as in Prod).

Any clues and remarks appreciated.