Subject strange code in org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBStatementFetcher.fetch()
Author Tzvetan Mikov
First I want to say hello to the list and apologize in advance if my
question has been discussed.

I was playing around with jaybird-2.0.1 and noticed something strange
in org.firebirdsql.jdbc.FBStatementFetcher.fetch().

The lines of code that bother me are these:

int maxRows = 0;
if (maxRows != 0) maxRows = this.maxRows - rowNum;

int fetchSize = this.fetchSize;
if (fetchSize == 0) fetchSize = MAX_FETCH_ROWS;

if (maxRows != 0 && fetchSize > maxRows) fetchSize = maxRows;

Notice that maxRows (the local variable) is always zero and
consequently the two conditions are never satisfied.

This code was introduced in revision 1.20:

Is this a bug or just something that is temporarily disabled on purpose ?