Subject JayBird on Gentoo, jdbc 2 & 3 differences
Author William L. Thomson Jr.
At the moment on Gentoo there exists two packages,

jdbc2-firebird and jdbc3-firebird.

Finally got the jdbc3 one updated to 1.5.6, now being compiled from
source on Gentoo. Thanks to Betelguese (Gentoo Java Developer).

Now the sources of the packaged 1.5.6 jars was diffed, and there are
some differences between jdbc2 and jdbc3. Mostly stuff jdbc3 has jdbc2
does not. So the one jdbc2 package most likely is going to go away.

Now with regard to JayBird 2.0.1, I see there is a .so now? Is that jdbc
2 or 3 specific?

Should there be two packages on gentoo? One? We are compiling from
source. It's possible to introduce what is called a USE flag on Gentoo.
So when it's being compiled one could specify jdbc 2 or 3, and it would
compile accordingly.

Sorry for asking the obvious. I only use JDBC 3 for remote client/server
stuff. Java to FB ;) Ever since InterClient, back in the day.


William L. Thomson Jr.
Obsidian-Studios, Inc.