Subject Hang on socket read...
Author robert_difalco
Just FYI...

One other VERY rare problem we see on 1.0.3 is that sometimes a socket
read will not return. Since the driver does not setup a soTimeout, if
the server becomes "unaware" of the client read request, the socket
could stay in read forever. I don't expect a resolution and imagine it
is no longer a problem in 1.5, I mention it here only to completely
log my issues.

The odd thing about this is that once it was stuck in a read during an
internalExecute. But what is really crazy is that another time it was
stuck in a socket read while our connection pool was initializing and
the driver was attempting to get a connection handle from the server.
It was just stuck in the socket read with nothing happening. This
caused all other threads looking for connections to block on the JDBC
Connection monitor.