Subject Re: [Firebird-devel] Jaybird JCA/JDBC Driver in Linux
Author Roman Rokytskyy

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> I am new to firebird and I want to use Jaybird
> JCA/JDBC Driver 1.5.5, in Redhat Linux 9.
> but when I call DriverManager.createConnection ... my
> application aborts abnormally and it doesn't throws
> any Exception or prints another message.
> I think every thing is corrent in my code because it
> runs in Windows without any error.
> also I want to know if it is possible to use Jaybird
> JCA/JDBC Driver 1.5.5, in Redhat Linux 7.3?

I assume that you use pure Java driver, not the type 2 one, right?

Which JDK/JRE are you using? What is your JDBC URL?

I have experienced such issues (though not with JayBird, that was big
application in WebLogic) when application was compiled with Sun JDK and
executed with IBM one. Even if one would expect that "write once, run
everywhere" works, bugs in JVMs show issues there.

JayBird is built with Sun JDK on Windows box. If you're running IBM JDK or
some other, I would recommend you to rebuild JayBird with the one you use on
your Linux box.

However, if you can run ok with pure java driver, but the type 2 driver
fails as you describe, something is wrong there - most likely it causes
access violation. IIRC, in this case that will be first report since
introduction of the type 2 driver.