Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Can Firebird run on internet server ?
Author Rick Fincher
Hi John,

By "run on an internet server" I presume you are asking if you can
access a Firebird database via the net on an HTML server to see data in
a web page. If so, the answer is yes, but support for that is not built in.

One way of doing this is to use a servlet and/or JSP (Java Server Pages)
server like Tomcat. It can act as you web (html) server and servlet
server. If you have another preferred web server program, most can be
configured to to pass the reqse you requests for your database stuff to
Tomcat or other JSP/Sevlet servers.

This is usually a better setup for accessing the database because you
can prevent access to your database by outside systems, except through
your JSP/Servlet program.

When set up this way, the URL is a standard web page URL. JSP pages
typically have a .jsp suffix instead of .htm or .html. As in

Your app server makes the database call, builds the web page and sends
it back to the users browser.

If you don't want to go through the effort of learning how to program
that stuff you can use a program like Dreamweaver MX from Macromedia.
When you build your web application with Dreamweaver, you tell it that
the app is going to run on a JSP server. You then drop the JayBird
driver in a folder in Dreamweaver's mail folder and give it the username
and password of the database. You visually build the web pages you want
and the program will generate the web app that you can drop into Tomcat
or other JSP server programs.

Those type of code generationg programs are a little restrictive for
some, but you can use Eclipse, Netbeans or other development tools to
generate web apps too.


john_zoetebier wrote:

>I wonder if I can run a Firebird server on an internet server.
>If so, what is the jdbc URL ?