Subject Re: I can't execute Jaybird Tomcat howto test app
Author Mohd. Jeffry
Solved! It seems my tomcat don't like my app directory to be named
"test". I just move to other name and it work. Anybody know what cause
this behavior?

On Fri, 28 Jan 2005 15:56:07 +0800, Mohd. Jeffry <linuxlah@...> wrote:
> I'm using this howto to learn how to connect jsp/servlet aps to firebird:-
> Section 8 titled "How do I use JayBird with Tomcat?" is what I've been
> following.
> When I viewed the test page, I get 404 error when I tried to view
> http://localhost:8080/test... My tomcat is working fine because all
> of the http://localhost:8080/examples/jsp/index.html work fine.
> I know that this is more of tomcat problem but since this how to is
> from firebird site, I bet you guys know better about this problem.
> I' m using emerged j2se 1.4 and tomcat 4.1 at gentoo.
> Thanks in advance.