Subject Middlegen / Hibernate
Author adrianallende
Hello all

I'm trying Middlegen/Hibernate, and have heavy problems with quotes.
The example database works well in all the tools, but a dialect 3
database with non-all-uppercase identifiers is a nightmare.
XML (.hbm.xml) can handle quotes within single quotes (e.g.
property='"identifier"') but xdoclet tags in Java classes needs
special hibernate sintax (e.g. @hibernate ... table="`Table Name`").
Middlegen has no comment in how to handle quoted identifiers.
In a middlegen ant buils file one can do

<taskdef name="middlegen" ...
<middlegen ...
<table name="An_Anims"/>

wich does not found a table called, obiously AN_ANIMS

<table name=""An_Anims""/>

should fix the problem, but middlegen gets an exception trying to
create a file called "anAnims".hbm.xml
The problem is that a file name can not contains quotes!

Change all DB identifiers (tables, columns, exceptios, etc.) is not an
option because the DB has a lot of identifiers and SPs, triggers ...

Somebody are using middlegen (to create hibernate .hbm.xml files)?
Somebody use that in a non-all-uppercase identifiers DB?

Thanks in advance

Adrian Allende