Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Proposal for FBDriver modification
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> It would be easy to solve problems with Connection's configurations
> as soon as it would be easy to plug in own Connections
> implementations into the driver.

In general this is a good idea. However it has at least one drawback - you
improve the driver and do not contribute code back to the project and other
people will have to do the same job.

> What do you think of modifing in such a manner:
> ...
> That way it would be possible to inherit driver and replace
> connection factory with own one.
> Is it good idea, what do you think?

In general ok, but... FBManagedConnection and FBManagedConnectionFactory are
not designed to be inherited, many methods have package visibility, some
attributes are accessed directly, etc. If there is need to provide a way to
extend driver's JCA part, we should consider it for the future releases.
Also be aware that any extension should be released under LGPL.