Subject request: setSQLRole in ManagedConnectionFactory
Author J.A.C.K.

If I want to specify the SQLRole for firebird-jca deployment in JBOSS
how do i do this ? I don't see any method in
FBManagedConnectionFactory that resembles something like

Right now what I did is add these following methods:

public void setSqlRole(String roleName) {
hashCode = 0;
defaultCri.setProperty(ISCConstants.isc_dpb_sql_role_name, roleName);

public String getSqlRole(){
String result =
return result;

.. so that i can specify sqlRole in the jboss datasource-deployment xml.
But the problem is that everytime there is a new jaybird update, i
have to add both of those methods again and recompile the jaybird
source code. Which is additional work for me :)