Subject Re: Local Transaction Active
Author weinleiche1
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > Anything I can do to help? Do you have some debug flags that track
> > when this happens that I should be running with and can send you the
> > output from?
> Unfortunately when this exception is thrown it is already too late.
It is
> just notification that connection has incorrect state. As I said, I
> that this issue is fixed and therefore there is no additional
logging in the
> driver.

Also unfortunatly, i ran into this problem very often in the last 3
days. But i can't give you a reproducible test case. All i can say is,
my app is a servlet running on tomcat, and there are running several
threads sharing fb-connections from a self developed connection pool.
The pool is functioning over month now unchanged, so i don't think
that there is the problem. The only thing that have change for 3 days
is the fact, that the servlet now runs on another machine (with a
newer linux distribution), have two threads more running and now
connects to a 64bit firebird classic server on an dual opteron linux.

I will investigate this issue further on (unfortunatly i have to,
because it's a productional environment), but any hints where to look
at will be appreciated.