Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] What means this exception ?
Author S. Radojcin
-just to conclude this thread:

David Jencks wrote:

>>- Because of that fact, after qSender.send() call , I decided to commit
>>session manualy, by calling
>> session.commit();
>If this works, it is the cause of your problem. The new message is
>getting delivered before the jta/firebird transaction commits.

- yes, this is really was my problem (as usual :-( , not
Firebird/Jaybird nor jboss
Namely, first mdb, which sends message to the Queue, should to have the
folowing mapping:

* @...-ref res-ref-name="jms/MyQueueConnectionFactory"
* res-type="javax.jms.QueueConnectionFactory"
* res-auth="Container"
* @...-ref res-ref-name="jms/MyQueueConnectionFactory"
* jndi-name="java:/JmsXA"

_not "java:/ConnectionFactory"

- Thank you for suggestions again, David...

>>>>2. on the other side, second MDB (from the same .jar) which listens
>>>>the Queue, tries to find local interface of that entity EJB.
>>>> And FinderExcpetion because of limbo transaction happens.