Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Re: Problems finding error messages
Author Roman Rokytskyy
Hi Thomas,

> I checked out the sources from CVS and tested the change myself. I
> changed the definition of MESSAGES in line 85 of
> to "/isc_error_msg";
> Retrieving of messages still seems to work with a program started
> from the commandline including the driver in the classpath via -cp.
> And it now also works with my own program which loads it via an
> URLClassloader.

Ok, then I will simply fix the driver (I did not find time to check it, and
on this weekend it will not happen too).

> Btw: during my test I discovered that there is one message that is
> really missing: The one for code 335544831. Probably something like
> "Database not found" because I first used a non-existing alias in my
> connection URL.
> I searched and it indeed does not contain
> the code 335544831 :)

This can happen. The properties file is relatively old and the procedure of
exporting it from message database is not trivial: the database itself does
not contain error codes, but symbolic constants (at least that's the state
of my knowledge). Error codes can only be found in iberror.h. So one has to
parse the C code, extract mapping between symbolic constants and error
codes, read the database and generate the .properties file.

There were some talks between developers store messages in XML format. When
this is implemented, the build procedure will be changed to generate directly from the XML.

But if you discover missing error codes, please post them here (or better
create corresponding Wiki page at I will add
them to driver before next release.