Subject Re: Problems finding error messages
Author ben_ata
--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > But if the resource name is prepended with a slash to indicate that
> > it's located in the root directory, then it works with both
> > approaches.
> > ...
> > What is the content of "res"?
> There is no slash on the beginning. I will change this accordingly
and test
> it with Ant. Hopefully this issue is solved then.
> Thanks for help!

Hi Roman,

I checked out the sources from CVS and tested the change myself. I
changed the definition of MESSAGES in line 85 of to "/isc_error_msg";

Retrieving of messages still seems to work with a program started from
the commandline including the driver in the classpath via -cp. And it
now also works with my own program which loads it via an URLClassloader.

I'm happily using my own home-brewn driver now.

Btw: during my test I discovered that there is one message that is
really missing: The one for code 335544831. Probably something like
"Database not found" because I first used a non-existing alias in my
connection URL.

I searched and it indeed does not contain the
code 335544831 :)