Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] embedded firebird looking for /opr/firebid/firebid.conf in linux (was firebird embedded under Linux problems)
Author Roman Rokytskyy
> Not a bug, just a confusing naming condundrum. There is no
> "embedded engine" on Linux. "" was just the name that
> Nickolay gave to Classic server's when the renamings
> happened in Fb 1.5.
> is a local (unthreadable) client that you can use with
> Classic, that does a direct connect to a Classic server instance.
> The "embed" part is a reference to "embedded SQL", since this is the
> client that was traditionally used for apps written in C or Cobol
> with embedded static SQL precompiled into API macro calls.
> Of course, once you starting moving pieces of Classic around to
> non-installed locations, things will fail to work. I do agree with
> you and Jim about the "drop-dead" effect of a missing conf file;
> but other missing pieces of the server will cause worse problems.
> <g>

Ups... Then we also have a bug in release notes. Though it is still possible
to use with JayBird to access databases on local file system,
but it requires full Classic installation. I will update release notes for
the next release.