Subject Re: Non-numeric primary key
Author rajsubramani
> > The latter because I could used a uuid generator within my EJB
> > ( to get a (almost)

> Personally I have created an entity bean that manages groups of key.

> implementation details in the "EJB Design Patterns" book from
> (it is available for download there).

> Roman

After much testing and posting and feedbacks, I have decided to go
down the sequence blocks route (since it appears to be database
neutral, unlike auto increment, and being numeric is faster/easier to
index). My sequence blocks works on Long's so I am hoping that by the
time the system runs out of numbers I will be long gone (both
physically and metaphorically).

I implemented the code as suggested in the book (as above) which is
based on a submission by Jonathan Weedon from Borland Corporation.
Since the implementation was for WebLogic, there seems to be much more
granularity for setting the transaction isolation on a per entity
basis in WebLogic.

With Firebird on JBoss, I understand that the transaction isolation is
set on the firebird-ds.xml file (which is placed in the deploy
directory for the JBoss server, in my case it is default).

I found this, commented out, in that file

<!--additional properties. only use one way of setting tx
isolation, please
<config-property name="TransactionIsolation"></config-property>
<config-property name="BlobBufferLength"></config-property>
<config-property name="Encoding">UNICODE_FSS</config-property>

If I were to set TransactionIsolationName to TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE
would that apply to all entity beans for my deployment?

Also, what is the default locking behaviour in Firebird,
optimistic/pessimistic etc (any links on documentation pertaining to
this would be appreciated).