Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] FBManager Questions
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> 1. When #setForceCreate is true, #createDatabase does not first DROP
> the database so secondary files are left; making it impossible to
> recreate them. The workaround is to NOT use forceCreate and to
> instead perform an explicit #dropDatabase. FBManager#dropDatabase
> does get rid of the secondary files.

I did not know that dropDatabase performs drop cleanly. I will add this to
the FBManager.

> 2. Is there a reason that there is no #isDatabaseCreated method? To
> work around the force create problem, I was going to see if the
> database already existed, if it did, then #dropDatabase before
> #createDatabase. However, there is no #isDatabaseCreated method so I
> have mocked one up like this:

The cleaner way would be to use isc_attach_database, I will check the
FBManager and will add this if no big changes are needed.

> If #1 is a bug, I will happily add it to the bug database.

I think this is Firebird server. FBManager tells it to create a database (if
forceCreate==false, then it tries first to attach to the database). From my
point of view server should drop the database cleanly, not just overwrite
the main file. You can fill a bug report for JayBird, I will then change the
category for Core Engine.