Subject null pointer exception when calling getLong()
Author Fred Gordon
I have noticed that if I use the ResultSet.getLong(columnIndex) and the
database column is SQL null I am getting a null pointer exception. I
tested this with other drivers/database and I didn't get this exception.

From what I have read in the API, ResultSet.getLong(columnIndex) should:

the column value; if the value is SQL |NULL|, the value returned is |0|

To fix it I did this:

In the class I changed

public long getLong() throws SQLException {
return getBigDecimal().longValue();

to this:

public long getLong() throws SQLException {
BigDecimal bd = getBigDecimal();
if (bd == null)
return 0;
return bd.longValue();

This is from a cvs checkout from today (08/06/2004).