Subject JDBC &
Author Eron Lloyd
Greetings all,

I'm trying to get to talk to Firebird on a linux box, and am
having trouble setting up the driver. I followed Art Fore's excellent guide,
and was even successful doing the exact same thing at work in my office. Here
at home (same everything, Firebird, Java, SuSE, etc.), I can't get it to
work. The Error I get is "Resouce Exception: The connection to the data
source "Firebird" could not be established."

I'm using the URL to the example database:


I can ping localhost properly, and even connect from <firebird>/bin/isql using
the same string just fine. I've tried using FirebirdSQL-1.0.1 and
1.5RC4JDK_1.4 to no avail. My user is included in the group firebird. The
server is up and running fine. Any recommendations?


Eron Lloyd
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