Subject Re: AW: [Firebird-Java] PreparedStatement.setTimestamp(int, Timestamp, Calendar) issue - comments needed
Author Marco Ferretti
Burghard W.V. Britzke wrote:

> Hello,
> I followed the timestamp thread with much interest.
It shows me again that
> the developement of open source software (here the
Jaybird JDBC driver) is
> at a highest professional level.
> I would prefer the oracle interpretation, too. And I
think that is the right
> way.
> But the name of the connection parameter
"invert_time_zone" seems to me not
> as a god name. May be "mysql_timezone_interpretaton"
would be better because
> it shows that with this parameter set the driver
would behave like
> Connector/J (the mysql jdbc driver).

Maybe, since Roman wrote " ... write data into the
database using local time zone", a proper name for the
behaviour would be "write_uses_local_timezone" ... but
that doen't seem to be the point.

I agree with the change of the behaviour and would
check out a fix on my apps asap.

Just one more question : I have an old app that works
flawlessly since a couple of years now. It uses odbc
way of writing dates and timestamp in the inserts and
updates statements (no prepared statement is used ) .
What happens to thoose sql statements in the new way ?
eg :
"Insert into my_table values (1,{d '2004-02-08'
},'test value--date')"
"Insert into my_table2 values (1,{t '2004-02-08
01:57:23' },'test value--timestamp')"

Theese are obviously values determined by the client .
Do you think I will have to use the "old style" way of
handling dates ?

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