Subject AW: [Firebird-Java] PreparedStatement.setTimestamp(int, Timestamp, Calendar) issue - comments needed
Author Burghard W.V. Britzke
Am 31.07.2004 19:59 Uhr schrieb "Roman Rokytskyy" unter

> Hi All,
> Probably you have read the discussion about the meaning of the above
> mentioned method between me and Ron. We have continued the discussion
> off-list and here's the results:
> ...
> Therefore I would like to change the behavior of the driver to follow the
> common sense (and Oracle) interpretation. This might affect existing
> applications. I will introduce a new connection parameter
> "invert_time_zone", when it is specified, driver will use MySQL
> interpretation.
> Comments? Suggestions?
I followed the timestamp thread with much interest. It shows me again that
the developement of open source software (here the Jaybird JDBC driver) is
at a highest professional level.
I would prefer the oracle interpretation, too. And I think that is the right
But the name of the connection parameter "invert_time_zone" seems to me not
as a god name. May be "mysql_timezone_interpretaton" would be better because
it shows that with this parameter set the driver would behave like
Connector/J (the mysql jdbc driver).
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