Subject Java App with embedded server deployment (Linux)
Author wegorkie

I was succesfull in developing Java standalone app with embedded
Firebird as local database. I deploy it sucessfully on Win32 platform.

Now I am trying to port it onto Linux.
Now, I installed FB server, I can connect to the database via port
3050 on localhost and also by "firebirdsql:embedded:..." connection
string using and it works.

So, there is just last step and I am not sure of it. I have to make
deployment package so user can install my app on Linux without
installing Firebird. On Win32 it is very simple. I just need gdb file
and a few dll and config files - I put them on the same dir as an app
exe and it works. It would be optimal if I could do something like
this on Linux. But after I tried to check things by removing
/opt/firebird dir from my installation, embedded connection stopped
working ("cannot connect to firebird client" or sth like this).

So I have general question. What I need to deploy as an app with FB
embedded version on Linux? I could not find anything in accessible docs...