Subject Re: another Proble with Embedded Server
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> Please excuse me for my unfriendly stüle of writing...but is was
> late and stressfull.

No problem at all. :)

> The ResultSet below runs pretty good on a normal driver, on delphi
> with embedded I've not testet it.

Ok, it becomes interesting.

> The Strange thing is: if I make A brakpoint on
> ResultSet re = main.getWman().getConnManager().getFbConn
> ().createStatement().executeQuery(this.MAIN_SQL);
> (MAIN_SQL is the statement below)
> and one below the point below will neveer be reaches, it is like a
> return is between it, and because it not stops (the aplication runs
> like an empty statement wher there) I cant check if the statement is
> null or else. And: There is no Exception or Error!
> A Statement like
> "SELECT COUNT(*) num FROM meldungen"
> will be executet without any problems.

Is it possible to get either test case that reproduces the problem or
just your application with the database on which it can be reproduced?
I can sign an NDA if needed. Please contact me privately if this is

An alternative would be to build driver direct from CVS (that is
relatively easy, just use build.bat) and insert some debug statements
in createStatement() and executeQuery(String). Also you can wrap the
code inside these methods with

try {
} catch(SQLException ex) {
throw ex;
} catch(RuntimeException ex) {
throw ex;
} catch(Error ex) {
throw ex;

to see if really no exception is lost. What you write stresses my
belief how Java works, therefore I would like to double check it. :)