Subject Re: another Proble with Embedded Server
Author Jan Losinski

Please excuse me for my unfriendly stüle of writing...but is was
late and stressfull.

The ResultSet below runs pretty good on a normal driver, on delphi
with embedded I've not testet it.

The Strange thing is: if I make A brakpoint on
ResultSet re = main.getWman().getConnManager().getFbConn
(MAIN_SQL is the statement below)
and one below the point below will neveer be reaches, it is like a
return is between it, and because it not stops (the aplication runs
like an empty statement wher there) I cant check if the statement is
null or else. And: There is no Exception or Error!
A Statement like
"SELECT COUNT(*) num FROM meldungen"
will be executet without any problems.

--- In, "Roman Rokytskyy"
<rrokytskyy@a...> wrote:
> > It works But A Querry like this:
> > SELECT id, vor_nam, fam_nam, geschl, geb_dat,
> > akl_id, str, ort, plz, land_id, verein_id,
> > email, bemerk FROM meldungen, akl, land, verein WHERE
> > meldungen.akl_id = AND land_id = AND verein_id =
> > wouldnt be executed.
> How do you know that it is not executed? Is this query executed
> normal driver (type4 or type2, but not embedded)? Does it work from
> Delphi when using embedded server?
> > There is no error or Exception, it only return
> > at this point without any Result or Message!
> What do you mean "Without any Result"? Is result set null or
empty? If
> it is empty, are you sure that it should contain results? How does
> type 4 or type 2 driver behave?
> > Why is this so?? And: WHY IS THERE NO DOCUMENTATION???
> > Is it SO difficult to write a little Documentation or make 1 or
> > working examples public?
> a) there are examples. RC2 package contains two examples
> ( and in examples/
> directory.
> b) "a little Documentation" can be found in release_notes.html
> and in docs/*.html.
> c) "a big Documentation" is not yet written due to a couple of
> reasons:
> - JayBird is JDBC driver, there's nothing really specific about
> All specification deviation is documented in release notes and
> JDBC 2.0 conformance document. For rest of the stuff (JDBC,
> JTA, etc.) appropriate documentation can be found on Sun
> - Firebird-specific classes are documented with Javadoc and
> generated documentation is included in the distribution.
> - "Getting Started", "API Guide", etc. are not yet written. If
> have desire to either pay JayBird team to write this
> or to write it yourself, you're welcome.
> If some aspects are not covered, please share your opinion or even
> documentation/examples with us.
> > I love Firebird, I use it with Delphi, Java and sometimes PHP
> > there is less support!
> There is reasonably good free support in Firebird-Java and
> Firebird-Support lists. And you can always order payed support from
> different companies, like IBPhoenix, H-K, etc. I'm not sure if they
> provide hotline support on the weekend, but I suspect if you give
> enough money, you'll get it.
> Roman