Subject Select LIMIT skip count and Select tempA.* from (select...) as tempA support?
Author mailmur
[win2k, FB1.5 v1.5.0.4290]
Two simple queries, but cant get to work. Is it supported to run such
queries as described in 1 and 2 topics?

Create table customer(id integer, name varchar(50), code varchar(5));
Insert Into customer values(1, 'aaa', 'a');
Insert Into customer values(2, 'bbb', 'b');
Insert Into customer values(3, 'ccc', 'c');
Insert Into customer values(102, 'aa2', 'a');
Insert Into customer values(103, 'aa3', 'a');
Insert Into customer values(202, 'bb2', 'b');
Insert Into customer values(203, 'bb3', 'b');

(1) Select given range of rows (limit and/or top query)
select LIMIT 30 10 * from customer;
-> syntax error. I need to select a given range of rows. Im able to do
this with hsqldb, postgre and mysql.

(2) Selection from derived table
select tempA.* from (select code from customer where code='a') as tempA;
-> syntax error. Example is a simplified version, but should use a
on-the-fly derived table within 'from' block. Works on in mssql,
hsqldb and oracle. Dont know about postgre and mysql.

Is it possible to do such queries in Firebird.

- - - -
Then a batch queries give me troubles as well. I've figured it out
already that it's not supported in FB. I mean, I want to run in one go:
Insert Into customer values(123, 'abc', 'a');
Insert Into customer values(345, 'cde', 'd');
Insert Into log values('added customer 123');
Insert Into log values('added customer 345');
-> I must split this at _clientside_ and run one by one.