Subject 2 - Phase Commit Protocol
Author Rafael Dal Zotto

My name is Rafael and i'm new here in the list. I live in Brasil (so, sorry if my english isn't very good!)

I subscribe this list because i'm working with java (j2ee) and firebird and i have a problem that i can't solve. I hope i can find help here... :)

I have a session bean CMT and persistence using DAO (firebird is my datasource). In this session, i have a method that call two others methods in my DAO to persist. The problem is that i need to do that in just one transaction.

I declared in my ejb-jar.xml the transaction with attribute "required", "required new" ... and doesnt work ! :(

So, my question is: Does firebird support 2 phase commit protocol ?
If yes, anyone can help me to find what i'm doing wrong ?! :)

thanks for all and sorry again, because my english aint that good !

Any help is welcome !


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