Subject Does force write mean updates should instantly get written to .gdb?
Author nagypapi
Dear List!
I am using firebirdsql szerver 1.0.372 (the latest 1.0 version), and
JDBC 1.01 with default autocommit on.
And w2k.
After I stored something into the db today (April 1...) and tested it
with another program to see if it really appeared, I looked at the
date of modification of the database file, and it showed March 31,
with the time they shut down the computer (yes, I tried refreshing the
thing and with wincommander too...). Exactly with this comp, they once
lost all data written one day into the DB, so that time, and now too I
checked the .gdb file with gstat, and it says "attributes: force
write". I checked it at home under a w98_se, but it works perfectly.
Could you help me?
Thank you,