Subject Aliases and FBWrappingDataSource
Author Steffen Heil

First, sorry for crossposting, but I have questions to both groups and I
need to explain my problem.

I just found another problem.
Firebird seems to load the aliases.conf file only on startup.
I have configured firebird to only allow access to aliases.

Now, when I add a new entry [a new database], I have to restart firebird
using /etc/init.d/firebird restart

But this forces me to restart every tomcat instance, since my tomcats have
connections to the database using jaybird, and I alway get "cannot read from
connection" when I restart the server without restarting my tomcats.

Is there a way to tell firebird to reread the aliases file?

I cannot understand in the first place, why aliases are not managed in the
security.fdb, which would be a logical place for a database server. Aliases
could then be modified using sql statements.

Further, what can I do to force jaybird to reconnect? [I am using

By the way, how to handle auto-commit vs manually-commit using
FBWrappingDataSource? Is it usually active? Can I change its setting for
certain connections? When can I change it? What happens, when there are
returned to the pool ?