Subject metadata column names
Author Marco Parmeggiani
I'm extracting some metadata from the database.
I extract the list of tables and then for each table the list of columns
with a call like this:

ResultSet rs = dbmd.getColumns(null, null, nameOfTheTable, "%");

I've found that the above stuff works well if table names are uppercase,
if not, that code returns an empty result set. So i wrote this line of
code and all now works (i've put a couple of double quotes around table

ResultSet rs = dbmd.getColumns(null, null, "\"" + nameOfTheTables +
"\"", "%");

i've then used Squirrel SQL with the same database and i've found that
it works and, looking at the code, it doesn't seem that it adds double
quotes around table names...

so i'm puzzled about what i'm doing wrong.

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