Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] Re: Problem with jbird?
Author Torsten Terp
> Hi,
> > Im facing a problem that seems to be caused by a bug in the firebird
> > JCA driver, i may wrong though, so im posting here to see if any
> > body else have experienced this, or have some idea about whats
> > happening....
> >
> > I am using Firebird 1.5 final (superserver on windows) and jaybird
> > 1.5-beta3 in a j2ee app running on jBoss.
> >
> > Now sometimes the login verification sql query will result in a null
> > pointer in
> >org.firebirdsql.jgds.GDS_Impl.isc_start_transaction(
> I have at least one bug report for this problem. It seems that under
> some conditions db handle is invalidated, but connection is still in use.
> Do you have a reproducable test case?

Sorry but no, i cannot reproduce it :-( If i manage to, i will let you know.

> > When this happens subsequent attemps to use the datasource will all
> > fail. The only fix is to restart the ManagedConnectionFactory in
> > jboss.jca domain.
> How important is XA support for you? If you can use normal JDBC
> driver, please try this.

I will try without XA support...

Thanks a lot...

> Thanks!
> Roman