Subject Re: Fwd: Invalid connection after JBoss IdleRemover-Action
Author hgoettig
Hi all

I have had a very similar problem. Might be OT but thought I would
share it
with this group.

Did a fix in the firesbird-ds.xml config file (in deploy dir of my
with help from someone on this group.

Now it works like a charm. Haven't had any trouble since the fix.
Before that, I was experiencing similar behaviour to the ones posted

So heres the (important) contents of my config file. The other (not
important) elements are left out.



<check-valid-connection-sql>SELECT CAST(1 as INTEGER) FROM



It seems that the "check-valid-connection-sql" element solves the
problem. I
never understood what it axactly does, but it must be something like:
Check in the database metadata if the connection claimed to have in
the pool
of managed connections in JBoss is still alive at the database server.

Can anyone elaborate on this?