Subject RE: [Firebird-Java] setSelectableProcedure(true)
Author Rick DeBay
I missed the other parts. What is being proposed? Does it follow

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Subject: Re: [Firebird-Java] setSelectableProcedure(true)

> As you say, setting such selectable property to true, would mean
> that calls to non selectable procedures would return empty
> ResultSets. But couldn't that be fixed by a wrapping them in a
> selectable procedure. Or people could use two connections
> with different selectability settings. This is not good solutions
> but, it would probably be better than the current state where you
> have to write non JDBC code to get this behavior. It also makes it
> hard for web designers using tools like dreamweaver
> to get working pages from FireBird stored procedures.

Sure, if people change their procedures to include SUSPEND at the end,
everything will be ok. But you're the first who asked for such feature,
obviously, it is not there :)

What do others think about it? Is it worth adding to JayBird?


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