Subject Re: [Firebird-Java] Embedded server + order by problem
Author Roman Rokytskyy

> thanks, but I already solve it in assistance with some people from
> firebird-suport group. It was caused by unavailabity of fbintl.dll.
> I thought (in accordance with embedded server docs) that it will be
> enough to place it into my app dir (into intl/fbintl.dll) and edit
> firebird.conf with specifiying the RootDirectory but it took no
> efect.
> Finaly I tried to copy fbintl.dll into bin/intl/fbintl.dll of my JRE
> and it started to work. It seems quite confusing to me, because the
> app is able to load fbembed.dll from its own dir but no other dlls.
> Even if all the docs are saying that it will.

You should have read the "Configuring Embedded Server JDBC driver" in
release notes (page 8). The current directory resolution algorithm is not
very suited for Java. Therefore you have to specify the FIREBIRD env.