Subject Embedded server + order by problem
Author Wenca
Hi all,

I wanna use the embedded server in my application but I found a problem,
that I'm not able to solve.

The connection to the embedded server is OK, when I run a simple query
like SELECT * FROM SOME_TABLE it is OK too. But when I add an ORDER BY
clause to my query it freezes immediately with no exception and I have
to stop the thread manualy. The same problem is when I use a SUBSTRING()
function and maybe somewhere else.

Maybe it's caused by WIN1250 chracter set or by PXW_CSY collation
because when I tried to use the example database EMPLOYEE.FDB from
firebird distribution everything works fine.

I have
- Win XP
- JDK 5.0
- FirebirdSQL-1.5.4JDK_1.4
- Firebird-

Can anyone help me?