Subject FBManagerMBean "Type" method addition
Author kartinku
Hi ,

In create table mbean FBManager has method setType (to set Type2,
embedded etc). But corresponding method is not defined in
FBManagerMBean. Due to that I was unable to set type value for mbean.,
when I need to create table in jboss server by declaring below
configuration in firebird-ds.xml in embedded serever.

<mbean code=""
<attribute name="FileName">../db/test.FDB</attribute>
<attribute name="UserName">sysdba</attribute>
<attribute name="Password">masterkey</attribute>
<attribute name="CreateOnStart">true</attribute>
<attribute name="DropOnStop">false</attribute>
<attribute name="Server">localhost</attribute>
<attribute name="Port">3050</attribute>
<attribute name="Type">EMBEDDED</attribute>

I hope below method declaration need to be added in FBManagerMBean,

public String getType() throws Exception;
public void setType(String newType) throws Exception;

it will enable to set type in mbean declration. Kindly think in this

with Thanks,