Subject NullPointerException using Jaybird 1.0.1 and JBoss
Author Josef Gschwendtner
we use JBoss appserver and Jaybird 1.0.1 (firebirdsql.rar) to connect to Firebird 1.03 database.

Executing a prepare of a stored procedure produces sporadically a NullPointerException.

This NullPointerExceptions lasts for each statement during a period of 1 or 2 hours and vanished then.
Sometimes an exception can heal this erroneous behaviour.

This server is under heavy load (> 10 transactions per second).

Has anybody an idea what could be wrong.
Could it be a solution to try newest Jaybird release?

We would appreciate any help.

Thank you,
Josef Gschwendtner
Quattro-Soft GmbH

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